K1 Detail

This service is tailored for vehicles that has lightly soiled interiors.


  Kwick Spruce and Wash N Wax



 Leather is cleaned and conditioned

(If seats are cloth we Steam Clean them).

We Shampoo 2 front and 2  rear mats 

             Wax is then applied                                                                                         

Starting @ $125.00

K2 Detail

Recommended for mildly soiled vehicles.


K1 Detail



 Entire Interior is Steamed Cleaned and Detailed.

Upgraded Wax

Starting @ $250.00

K 3 Detail

K2 Detail



We steam clean the carpets and fabric upholstery with multiple passes.  We claybar the paint. Applying detail clay to the paint will remove any embedded brake dust, tree sap, road tar and other contaminants from the paint.

 2 applications of Wax 

Starting @ $375.00

 *The  Detailing  packages does not include any type of machine polishing. Machine Polishing/Buffing can be added to any package!