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Steam  Cleaning



Regardless of how you use your vehicle, the interior can get dirty and soiled over time. 

  • Dyes and dirt transferred to the seats from clothing

  • Oil and dirt left on the steering wheel, shifter handle, and radio controls from your hands

  • Oil left on the headrest from hair

  • Dirt and grime carried in on shoes or boots



Steam is an EXCELLENT option to clean you vehicle 

  • Steam eliminates the need to use harmful chemicals

  • Steam penetrates deep into fabric and upholstery, not just on the surface

  • Steam can be useful to clean the upholstery in hard-to-reach places

  • Steam can be used to clean all kinds of surfaces safely

  • Steam softens and lifts dirt so you don’t have to scrub a stain for hours

  • Steam cleaning can be done at home to quickly clean dirt before it leaves a permanent stain.

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