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Paint Protection Film

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What is Paint Protection Film ?

Paint Protection Film (PPF) AKA Clear bra installation is an extremely time consuming and meticulous process – the film is thick, extremely fragile to handle (when uninstalled) and difficult to contour 3-dimensional shapes. It has taken us years, chemicals, solutions, manufacturers & thousands of feet of film to learn to install properly.



Essentially, we are stretching and installing an extremely durable film about 8mil of an inch thick over your paintwork. Your total paint thickness (primer, base coat & clearcoat) is generally 5-7mil of an inch thick. This film has an extremely aggressive adhesive & when left for years forms a semi-permanent bond to the paint – to ensure ZERO lifting, peeling, shrinking or cracking.



The Clear bra has been around for decades, but in the past 5 years or so – the use of TPU Film or “Thermo-Plastic-Polurethane” Film has allowed installers like us to lay this self-healing, extremely clear film – and manipulate it to protect the varying contours of your vehicles exterior body panels.



This new technology, costs us nearly 5x as much as traditional film – but the results are worth Every.Single.Penny. Traditional PVC film is rated for about 2 years – but commonly is left for much longer – until it becomes a cracking, yellow, peeling mess. These problems are completely irradicated with Kleenkarr films – like the ones that we proudly install @ Kleenkarr Custom.

The Installation Process

Understanding what PPF is, and how it is installed is important in regards to how it will look on your car. Every part of the installation process is done with the utmost care and preparation – starting with a full wash, degreasing & decontamination of the vehicles exterior body panels where the film is to be installed. Cracks, Crevices, Nooks & Crannies are cleaned – where dirt is trapped, that may cause contamination in the film during the installation process.


Following this is a very thorough drying and Isopropyl alcohol wipe down to ensure a completely clean and residue free surface. 

Once the vehicle has been prepped, it is pulled into our clean room which is specifically designed for the installation of Film. The room, climate controlled and completely separated from our detail shop – ensures that no in air debris can be trapped between the film and body panel during installation.



Next – all of the film is cut using an extremely accurate and tediously-designed film cutting program on our top of the line  Plotting system. This machine cuts the film to the exact measurements of your body panel – ensuring NO cuts are made on the exterior of the car – risking your paint to nasty strike-throughs.

The film is then carefully installed and manipulated to fit – through the utilization of many different solutions, a few different pieces of equipment & some very talented hands – one may add..

During an advanced install – which can be requested by a customer for an additional fee – body parts & panels can be removed for a completely seamless installation. Front bumper covers & headlights are commonly removed for a totally seam-free finish.

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